Thank you for booking with 24 Karat Glow!  PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK THAT YOU HAVE BOOKED THE CORRECT DATE/TIME AS I HAVE HAD PEOPLE ACCIDENTALLY BOOK A WRONG DAY AND SHOW UP TO ME NOT BEING HERE/OUT OF TOWN AND DRIVING FROM FAR AWAY. I am positive you are looking for my address, because my studio is located at my home,  my home address is not available online for safety reasons. My spray tan studio is 100% private and has its own separate entrance. My address : 1310 West Rutledge Pl, Brea, Ca. 92821.


I know this is long, but it is helpful for first time clients:
Please read the prep instructions prior to your spray tan so that you can be prepared on what to expect and how to prep for the spray tan. This link will guide you there:

Please arrive on time in order to respect other peoples appointments. I am often booked back to back and if someone is 10-15 minutes late, this will make the next person late.

When you arrive, please text me and I will come out for you and walk you through the side gate on the side of the house. If I am finishing my current appointment, I will text you with an estimated time, but I am usually on time.

Spray tans are $40-$50.  I take CASH PAYMENT ONLY, thank you.

I currently do not have a public restroom, but I am working on that =) My apologies ahead of time.

It is recommended that you book your spray tan appointment after any hair, nail, waxing, massage, threading or facial appointments. It is best to leave this as the last appt. in your beauty regimen. Spray tans can last an average of 5-7 days, but since everyones skin chemistry is different, this can vary from person to person. How you take care of your tan is very important. If this is your first time spray tanning, I HIGHLY recommend going to my FAQ page on my website

Sorry for the LONG dragged out information, but I hope that it can help you answer any questions you might have had if you are a new client! I look forward to helping you say NO TO pale, and hello to a glow!! Thank you again!