Thank you for choosing 24 Karat Glow!!!

Please arrive on time to your appointment. Due to the busy schedule, appointments are often booked back to back. Please respect the appointment time of other clients. If you are over 10 minutes late, please know that this will cut into your appointment time or you will have to reschedule your appointment.

In order to achieve the best outcome of your tan, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you follow and read the following:

It is best to schedule your spray tan session 1-2 days before your special occasion


    It is best to schedule your spray tan appointment as the last appointment in your beauty regimen. Hair, nails, waxing, facial, & massage appointments need to be made BEFORE your appointment, or after the first rinse off.  Your nails should never be done after your spray tan, even after the first rinse off as the exfoliator in pedicures will strip your tan.

    SHOWER, EXFOLIATE, SHAVE/WAX- It is best to do these the day before your appointment, or a few hours before your appointment. Avoid using moisturizing soaps like Dove.

    Do not wear any lotions, perfumes, make up or deodorant to your appointment, as this will create a barrier for the solution.

    Do not wear any tight clothing: yoga pants, leggings and jeans will cause friction against your skin, therefore not letting the solution develop evenly. Wear flip-flops, dark & loose clothing to your appointment, or bring it to change into after.

    Rapid Rinse ( rinse off in 1-4 hours, develops after 8 hours) $65


    (Before your shower) While your tan develops, wear lose dark clothing and avoid wearing any socks or closed shoes. Avoid any activity that will make you sweat excessively. Avoid getting water on your tan before you shower.

    You will see the topical bronzer in the solution coming off in the shower; rub your palms over your entire body without soap to get this off. Do this until the water runs clear. Do not use a loofah or harsh item to shower the first time. I highly recommend using only your palms and plain water for the first shower.

    After your first shower, moisturizing everyday is very important in order to maintain the life of your spray tan. Stay away from lotions that contain mineral oil, as it can strip the tan.

    Try to avoid using loofahs or items that will exfoliate your skin in the shower/bath. Try to pat dry as much as possible.

    Chlorinated spas and pools can affect the longevity of your tan.

    After 5-7 days, your skin will start to shed the old skin cells and your spray tan will begin to fade. You can remove this by using a good exfoliator in a hot shower or bath.

    To maintain a consistent healthy glow, you can spray every week or every other week!