Spray Tan Pricing

“Never look for a bargain spray tan, unless you want inexperience and an orange tan. If the price is too good to be true, chances are the solution being utilized is of cheap quality and full of chemicals. Always pick someone with lots of experience and certifications.”

– Mayra

T H E 14K G L O W

$45 /session

  • Custom Full Body Spray Tan ( Develops in 8 hours)
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T H E 24K G L O W

$55 /session

  • Rapid Rinse ( rinse off in 1-4 hours
  • develops after 8 hours)
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Signature 24 Karat Glow Hydrating Mist 
A hydrating pre spray tan mist that soothes, cleans, moisturizes and balances the PH levels of the skin to attain the best spray tan results.  $5  *Highly recommended, best seller *
Extra Spray Tan coat
Extra spray tan coat on areas of concern that require more coverage/shading effect/fixing INTENSE tan lines: Recommended on areas with cellulite, stretch marks, bad tan lines, any areas of concern.  Small areas $5, larger areas like legs or upper body $10