Friendly Reminder: We understand things happen. However, because spray tans are only 20 minutes per client, if you are more than 10 minutes late, we will not be able to do your spray tan due to lack of time. Thanks for being understanding. ( see cancellation/late policy)



1211 WEST Imperial Highway #204,

Brea, Ca. 92821

Cross streets are PUENTE/IMPERIAL. Suite faces Imperial on the 2nd floor of the building closest to the corner. ** Some maps are sending clients to a similar address a street away off Arovista/Imperial, that is not the correct location** Picture below shows the correct location.


 Please wait in your car and text me at 949-482-2477 to let me know you have arrived. It might take me a few minutes to reply if I am with a client. Ill text you back,  and unlock the front door for you.Ill have you come up to the front door (if waiting in your car). If you are in the waiting area, Ill text you when Im heading out for you. Let me know if you are in your car or the public waiting area. You are more than welcomed to wait in the waiting area of the suites. It is located up the stairs that are in the middle of the two buildings. At the top of the 2nd floor, youll see it on your right.


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Follow the steps below for the best spray tan results.

Schedule any hair removal, massages, facials or nail appointments before your spray tan and if possible a day before.

Female clients: You can tan nude, partial or with undergarments on. Whatever is most comfortable for you.

Exfoliate: Entire body in detail the day before your appointment. This will remove dead skin cells and create a new smooth surface of skin for your spray tan. Exfoliating gloves and water work best. Avoid oil based scrubs.

Shower: As far away from your appointment that day as possible. Minimum 3 hours before your appointment. Do not use DOVE. Use minimal soap.  Do not apply lotion/deodorant/perfumes/make up. (Eyes/Brows are ok but remove all other make up)

WEAR: (or bring) dark, loose-fitting pants/shirt and slip-on sandals. NO SOCKS, LEGGINGS, JEANS OR TIGHT CLOTHING. Do not wear a bra after your appointment.

Post tan outfit sets are available in studio for purchase $55.


Do not apply oil-based products within 24 hours of your appointment. Avoid the use of products with salicylic acid or retinol for at least 1 week prior as well as during the lifespan of your spray tan.


Avoid excessive sweating, activities that involve water. Be cautious of any pets licking tan off.

Avoid touching tan/bronzer. Hands are wiped at appointment. Touching the tan will result in stained fingers/palms.

To prevent water streaks from stubborn bronzer, use your hands to guide bronzer off skin. Repeat this until the water is clear again. Let the water run clear for at least 2 minutes before exiting.

RAPID RINSE TAN: Rinse off at time given for you. If you leave this on longer it will over develop into a color that will be too dark for you. Water rinse only. Do not apply lotions or products post-rinse as the tan still needs to develop up to 12 hours to see full results. 

At this point you wont see much color. The tan will continue to develop for several hours after the rinse.


• Water rinse with minimal soap. Your full tan should be visible after the rinse. Apply spray tan safe lotion daily.

Spray tans love hydration. Drink lots of water. Moisturize everday (besides the first day for rapids). It is important to use spray tan safe body wash and moisturizers during your spray tan for optimal results/longetivity.

Avoid hot tubs, long hot showers or saunas.

Professional grade tan extenders, moisturizers and body wash are all available in studio.


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